tatu fly? – Nomad

ARTIST: tatu fly?
ALBUM: Nomad

Illustration by: Chet Zar

NOMAD: The second album of tatu fly?, “Nomad” is another psycedelic, instrumental story created by Mehmet Fırıl. The album is inspired from the music he composed for “Medea Kali”, a play written by Laurent Gaude, and adapted and performed by Zeynep Utku for Istanbul State Theaters. The songs narrate the dark spiritual and mental journey of the anti- hero, who’s a reflection of well known mythological figures; Medea, Kali and Medusa.
And in this musical journey, the audience is accompanied by the artwork of Chet Zar, an American Dark Surrealist who is also known for the art of the alternative metal band, Tool.
tatu fly?: tatu fly? is a dark, uncanny and timeless adventure; blending familiar western instruments with eastern maqam modes in unexpected ways.
13 years in the making, in his first album “Somewhere Around Nowhere” (2014), Mehmet Fırıl depicts the life reflected from the eyes of a lost man. It consists of 13 songs knit together as a journey, finally coming to an end with the song “Now Here” to express that he is lost no more.
In 2014, when Laurent Gaude’s dramatic work “Médée Kali” was adapted and performed by Zeynep Utku for Istanbul State Theaters, Fırıl composed the music for the play. His own music from that project sparked his inspiration even more and inevitably transformed into a passion that needed to be satisfied, which led to his second album, “Nomad” in 2019. Instrumentally narrating the story of an anti-hero, Nomad takes the audience to a mythical journey where the echoes of eastern winds and the darkness come to life in unexpected ways once again.